Happy children using smartphones sitting on the grass in the park.

How to Combat Your Child’s Technology Addiction

As technology is becoming more advanced, the current generation spends way more time using technology than previous ones have. Now more than ever, having a technology addiction is very common, and it comes with a lot of detrimental effects. Children who are addicted to technology often can’t live without their electronics, have tantrums when they are away from their devices, and typically have a negative attitude when it comes to doing things that require them to be more active.

Technology addiction can lead to children being exposed to inappropriate material, being easily influenced by others, and being more susceptible to getting bullied. Staying on a device always negatively impacts a child’s social skills, and can lead to aggressive behaviors, insomnia, and difficulty paying attention. While it’s crucial to catch the warning signs, it’s just as important to prevent a technology addiction in the first place.

Here are some key tips on how to prevent your child’s technology addiction!

1. Don’t replace their boredom with devices

When you make it a habit to give your child their devices when they’re bored, sad, or mad, you’re creating a reliance on technology to make all of their problems go away. Instead, focus on helping your child start a healthier hobby, such as playing a sport or joining a club. Hobbies benefit a child by relieving their stress, teaching them how to express themselves, building self-esteem, and strengthening their own relationships.

2. Plan more outdoor time

Children are spending way less time outdoors than they should because of their devices. This has led to increasing rates in child obesity, and it contributes to numerous health problems. Encourage your child to play outside! Go to a playground, kick a soccer ball around your yard, or plan a fun weekend at the park. Your child will enjoy staying active while getting some fresh air.

3. Set guideline for priorities before screen time

It’s important to instill the idea that screen time is a privilege, and not a necessity in your child’s life.  Make sure your child has completed their chores and finished their homework or any other necessary obligations before they just hop on their devices. Your child will learn that even though they may want to play on their phone or tablet, they must take care of their responsibilities first.

4. Consider your own time spent on technology

If your children see that you cling to technology as well, it will become the norm for them. As a parent, it’s important that you limit time on your phone as well to set a good example for your child and spend more time bonding with them as a family. If your child feels as though you do not pay enough attention to them, this can lead to poor behavior and acting out in order to get attention and feel validated.

Technology At Carpe Diem

At Carpe Diem, we urge our children to be more interactive with their peers by limiting the time they spend on the computer and encouraging more outdoor play. We understand the importance of cultivating their social skills and being more active at such a developmental period. We also provide children with an opportunity to start new hobbies, as we incorporate art and music into our curriculum.