At Carpe Diem you’ll both feel safe and secure

We believe that where a child learns has a direct impact on how well a child learns, which is why we’ve put so much thought into creating the perfect learning atmosphere for our students.

Our commitment to safety not only protects your child, it enables our teachers to focus their energies on the important tasks of teaching and nurturing

  1. Our advanced Webcam technology also allows you to “sit in on the classroom” and observe your child at a moment’s notice, with just a click.
  2. Only staff, parents and authorized adults are permitted to enter the school’s main quarters with proper “fingerprint scan” verification.
  3. All student arrivals and departures are logged on classroom sign-in sheets.
  4. A solid six-foot privacy fence surrounds the playground. All doors are secured with electronic codes.
teacher and boy pointing somewhere
Little kid playing in the grass

We make it easier to stay active in your child’s development

Our facilities also provide a variety of environments designed to invigorate children and inspire their imaginations:

  1. Each classroom includes the highest quality, age- and interest-level appropriate equipment and materials.
  2. All materials are at “child level” – not the teacher’s – an important detail that other preschools often overlook.
  3. A cozy library is stocked with favorite children’s stories for quiet reading time outside of the classroom.
  4. A large selection of fun and educational programs are available for students in our dedicated computer lab.
  5. A spacious indoor gym illuminated with natural light provides a place to play during inclement weather and ozone alert days.
  6. Three outdoor playgrounds are designed with age-appropriate equipment and toys that comply with American Society for Testing and Materials (Ahtml) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines.