Moving up and around

Toddlers are always on the go. They want to head in all directions and experience every sensation the world has to offer. Consistent guidance and supervision from loving families and teachers gives toddlers the confidence to experiment as they grow.

Toddlers learn at their own pace by observing and interacting with objects around them. They become more proficient with signing and use their rapidly expanding vocabulary. Our toddler teachers understand that children reach developmental milestones — using the toilet, for example — when they are ready.

Toddlers are just beginning to understand what’s expected of them. Pushing, hitting and biting occur more often than adults would like. It’s called “instrumental aggression” and it’s used by toddlers to achieve what they want — to get the toy or move another child out of their way. Our teachers discourage this type of behavior, but always remain positive and emphasize redirection and the importance of making good choices.

Our teachers enrich the toddler environment with an ever-changing variety of activities and materials. This keeps frustration to a minimum and helps children take pride in their accomplishments.


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