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Choosing a Sport for Your Child

Encouraging your children to play sports is one of the best things you can do. From making friends and building self-esteem to learning how to live an active lifestyle, sports provides children with many benefits. But how do you know which sport is best for your child? Consider these when choosing a sport with your […]

Halloween Safety Tips

With Halloween approaching, it’s time to get prepared! Children love the excitement that comes with Halloween, but many fail to realize how susceptible they are to the dangers. As parents, we all want our children to have a good time, but it’s our job to keep our children out of harm’s way. Here are some […]

The Benefits of Letting Your Child Raise A Pet

Almost every child has tried to convince their parents to get them a pet. Some parents, especially those limited on time, refuse because of the additional responsibilities and headaches a pet can cause. However, what might seem like headaches and havoc for parents can be a great opportunity for children to learn and grow. Here […]

How to Combat Your Child’s Technology Addiction

As technology is becoming more advanced, the current generation spends way more time using technology than previous ones have. Now more than ever, having a technology addiction is very common, and it comes with a lot of detrimental effects. Children who are addicted to technology often can’t live without their electronics, have tantrums when they […]

4 Ways You Can Teach Your Child the Importance of Self-Esteem

In today’s society, it’s important for people to navigate through the world with good self-esteem. What many parents don’t know is that self-esteem begins developing as early as childhood. Although it can be learned later in life, what is taught during a person’s childhood can have a long-lasting effect on how they choose to go […]